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The Search Is Over.... NexGenNails is here....
The Next Generation in Nail Enhancement Technology NexGeNails look and feel natural.

With this new technology, nail beds are not damaged.             

NexgeNails is a safe and healthy alternative to acrylic nails:
One that would add length, protection and shine, without the damage that  acrylics can cause.
Acrylics and gels can cause weak, brittle nails and even promote the growth of fungus.
NexGeNails are water resistant, yet they allow natural nails to breathe, enabling them to
grow long and strong.


NEXGENAILS Benefits...

Odor free                                              No damage to nails

Look, work and feel natural                  Fortidied calcium & vitamin E

Light Weight & Flexible                       Strong & Durable 

Non-Toxic & Odor-Free                      Non-Porous

Comfortable                                          Forever Shine                                   

Enviromentally Friendly                       Crack, Chip, & Water Resistant



Ohh La La | $15

Includes Indulging in a hand bath while nails are getting shaped and prepped. Cuticles are then pushed and
dead cells are removed from around the nails. Followed is a heavenly sugar scrub that slough away dead cells
leaving hands and cuticles baby soft.  An aromatherapy mini- massage of hands & arms will aid to release
your tension and stress.  Now it is your choice of color from our OPI collection.

Ahh Spa | $20

In addition to everything in our Ohh La La Manicure, a mask acting enzyme slough is applied to the hands,
removing dead cells from the surface of your skin, leaving your hands polished with a glow. This will be anchored
with handpicked products, highest in quality (rated by our professionals) to ensure a longer lasting medicure. 

Get Fresh | $30

Begins with a Soaking Hand Bath and Cuticle and Nail Care Therapy. Followed is your time to be pampered,
experience exfoliation with Get Fresh's exfoliating gel, lemongrass scrub and a therapeutic massage of the hands
& arms with our famous GF sugar scrub to not only gentle slough away dead skin but will relieve tension and
stress. Your hands will immerse in a heated aroma of a marine mask treatment glove to hydrate your hands

back to life. Now, it is your choice of color from our OPI collection.




$1 per minute   Add on to Pedicure (minimum of 15 minutes)

Ohh La La | $24

Begin by relaxing your tired feet into a warm bath.  Then allow your nails to be shaped and your cuticles
softened and gently removed. A pumice scrub to the bottom of the feet and sugar scrub will then exfoliate
for a smooth, silky glow.  Enjoy a light massage before having you toes polished with color of choice from
our collection.

Ahh Spa | $37

Dip your feet into a Soaking Foot Bath and pamper yourself with a whirlpool of Pure Mineral Sea Salt to
alleviate excessive foot perspiration, soften calluses, disinfect, and protect your skin.  Next, Cuticle and
Nail Care Therapy will exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize, and prep you nails.  An enzyme slough is then applied
and removes dead skin cells, leaving your feet polished with a glow.  Callus Eliminator Remedy (a treatment
we are known for) is (applied as needed to liberate your feet of uncomfortable dried calluses and build-up.)  
Your choice of sugar or salt scrub to away remaining dead cells left over residue and extra exfoliation.  A leg
and foot massage will follow to ease your everyday stress. Now will be your choice of color from our
OPI collection.  This will be anchored with handpicked products, highest in quality (rated by our professionals)
to ensure a longer lasting pedicure. 

Get Fresh | $50

Take you cares away as you dip into a whirlpool Pure Mineral Sea Salt bath.  Cuticle and Nail care therapy is
never left out as you indulge in the following relaxing therapeutic procedures: *Totally Soaked: a softening, dead
skin-dissolving gel that prepares your feet for exfoliation. Helps relieve dry cracked heels, hard-as-stone calluses,
and achy, tired feet. Down'n Dirty: a heavy-duty pumice foot scrub that delivers results. Loaded with pumice,
walnut shells, moisturizing seaweed and aloe vera, our scrub exfoliates and soothes dry, scaly feet.
Callus Eliminator Remedy: a treatment applied as needed to liberate your feet of uncomfortable dried calluses
and build-up. GF Sugar Body Scrub: Our Sugar Body Scrub is a sinfully luscious moisturizing exfoliator blended
with sugar, shea butter, and olive oil.  Gently massaged of legs and feet, the perfect solution for dry, sensitive skin.
Marine Mask: A cooling mask that will hydrate you skin back to life, wrapped in a hot towel for deeper relaxation.


Full Sets


Prices starting at:

Gel Polish |$25 

Manicure w/ Gel Polish |$40 

Pink and White |$40 

Pink & Color |$45 

Pink |$30 

Pink with Tips |$35 

Acrylic Color Overlay |$45 

Silk Nails |$65 

Nexgen (dip powder) |$35 


​It is Texas Law that every person is required to have their own disposable tools, such as nail files and buffers.  
Our spa will have a new set for each person receiving nail care treatment for a small addition fee. If you have
your own tools, you are welcome to bring them at the time of your appointment.  If our staff member is unable
to use your tools, you are required to purchase a new set from our spa.