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NovaLash eyelash extensions are an “instant pretty” for any woman who desires for longer, fuller lashes. NovaLash eyelash extensions are meticulously applied lash-by-lash, bonded with award-winning medical-grade adhesives, by certified professional NovaLash stylists. They are weightless, wonderful and truly transformative.

Our stylist prides in her work and have been in the business with over ten years of experience.  The everyday natural look or a drastic one for a special event, our stylist will take her time, working in each individual lash.  Clumps of visible glue is unacceptable and we would never let you leave with such horrid work.  Unlike other lash studios in our area, with new sets or touch-ups, lash counting is something we avoid at all cost, our stylist will put in as many as needed to give you the look you desire.




​Your initial eyelash extension session is $285 and require approximately three hours.  

***A 10-20 minutes consultation is require before your initial session.

Pricing for touch-ups are as followed:

​Two weeks Touch-up (1-14 days) - $65

Three weeks Touch-up (15-21 days) - $85

Four weeks Touch-up (22-28 days) - $125

Five weeks Touch-up (29+ days) - $225-285​


Novalash eyelash extensions fall out as your natural lashes fall out. Due to this reason, the longer between sessions, the more lashes are required to be replaced. A in-person consultation is required if previous session was done by another stylist. Pricing will be determined at time of consultation.